Building Your Own Shed Will Give you More Satisfaction and More Savings without Having to Hire an Expensive Contractor.

These Shed Plans will not have a dull boring complex images, but I will show you step by step instructions on how to build no matter what level of a builder that you may be. 

Here is what's included in my Shed Plans

- Safety Guidelines
- Material List
- Tool List 
- Cut List
- Assembly Details
- How to mark your walls
- How to raise your walls
- How to find angles for your trusses
- How to cut and assembly trusses
- How to install shingles
- How to install a loft
- How to install a shelf
- How to install a window
- How to build your doors
- How to find killer deals on your shed

The following dimensions are available for the Gable and Barn Sheds.

8x8                 10x8                12x8
8x9                 10x9                12x9
8x10               10x10              12x10
8x11               10x11              12x11
8x12               10x12              12x12
8x13               10x13              12x13
8x14               10x14              12x14
8x15               10x15              12x15
8x16               10x16              12x16
8x17               10x17              12x17
8x18               10x18              12x18
8x19               10x19              12x19
8x20               10x20              12x20

Order Instructions: 

Make Your $5 Payment Below and Leave a Note on Paypal for what Shed Plan that you want.

Within 24 Hours after your purchase I will email your shed plan to you.